Central management and maintenance

Park management plays an important role in assuring a high quality business environment. The park management organization provides for central management and maintenance of the Zuiderzeehaven. This guarantees a stable level of site-maintenance and with that the quality of the long-term field. Park management also contributes to a pleasant, clean and safe working environment.

Basic Package

A company that settles on the site of the Zuiderzeehaven is automatically a member of the Park management Association Zuiderzeehaven (VPZ). Thereby it is assured of a basic package which is provided by the park management-organization. This package is compiled with an eye on the future. Durability, protection and quality assurance of the business park are therefore a central focus. Thus the common interest is served:  added value for all companies established in the industrial area. Specifically, the package includes the following services:

  • Collective security
  • Signposting of the business
  • Maintenance of the green areas
  • General management of the site

In consultation with members of the VPZ, the composition of the package can be customized. Optional services can be added to the basic package, e.g. cleaning, waste collection, energy supply etc.


The park management not only ensures extensive service and a high quality sustainable working environment. The collective characteristics of the park management services also makes it financially attractive. With the purchase of certain services, attractive savings can be realized. Park management offers numerous advantages: good service and thereby savings in both time and money.

If you want more information about park management at the Zuiderzeehaven, please feel free to contact: