At the Zuiderzeehaven 13.3 hectares is still available. These are the plots shown in green on the map located here. The Zuiderzeehaven issues plots according to the buyer’s desire and the park’s availability. The minimum plot size is 1 hectare. All plots are readily available.

At the Zuiderzeehaven ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ plots are available. The ‘wet’ plots are intended for companies that need their own quay, such as terminal operators and shipyards. ‘Dry’ plots are intended for companies that do not need their own quay, but would like to make use of third-party handling services, such as the Zuiderzeehaven’s container terminal.

The business park is suitable for companies up to environmental category 5. The maximum building height is 15 m to 30 m for buildings and other structures.

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