Are you looking for a good location for your logistics center? You can realize your plans at the Zuiderzeehaven. The site is set up on a large-scale, meant for the establishment of large warehouses and bulk storage. Plots are available from 1 ha.

The Zuiderzeehaven is ideal for logistics companies. The combination of transport by road and via deep water distinguishes the business park from other sites. The proximity of Lelystad Airport ensures that the Zuiderzeehaven is also accessible by air within half an hour.

Because of its location on deep water, ships up to about 2,500 tons can reach the port. Logistic companies that do not need to be situated directly on the water may use  the container terminal of the Zuiderzeehaven. Also for the handling of bulk materials, the industries that already settled offer plenty of opportunities.

The Zuiderzeehaven has its own connection to the N50 / A50, which provides direct access to the northern and eastern Netherlands, and from there to Eastern Europe and the Ruhr-area. The Randstad, the South and North Netherlands are easy to reach via the A6 and A28 within easy reach.

Moreover, the Zuiderzeehaven is located in a part of the country that is not plagued by traffic jams.

The Zuiderzeehaven has a central location, has easy access by road and by water, and enough greenfield possibilities for the location of your distribution center.

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