The convenient location on the IJssel and its good infrastructure has made Kampen an attractive location to settle for centuries. From a historical perspective Kampen has a long industrial tradition. In the Hanseatic times Kampen even flourished and became a center of cargo trade.

Currently, Kampen is still an economically dynamic place. The good accessibility of Kampen and its surroundings contributes to this fact: the Zuiderzeehaven is located at an intersection of roads and waterways.  De Zuiderzeehaven is located at deep (4.70 m) water, so it is accessible to large coasters up to 2,000 tons. The Zuiderzeehaven is also easily accessible by road: there is a direct connection via the A6 with the Randstad, with the north and west via the A28, and with the south and east via the A50. Therefore, the port is also relatively quickly accessible from the countries surrounding us. Moreover the Hanzelijn, the rail link between Amsterdam and Zwolle with a separate railway station in Kampen, attributes to the favorable location of the city.

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