IJssel Delta Terminal

De IJssel Delta Terminal op de Zuiderzeehaven is een samenwerkingsverband van MCS, Wezenberg Transport en Graansloot. Met de gloednieuwe portaalkraan kunnen containers in alle afmetingen worden overgeslagen. Met een dagelijkse afvaart naar de Rotterdamse haven zorgt de containerterminal voor een waardevolle aanvulling op de logistieke mogelijkheden van de regio. www.ijsseldeltaterminal.nl

Hoeben Metalen

Hoeben Metalen is a metal recycling company. Several generations of the Hoeben-family have developed it into an ultramodern business. Both regionally and nationally Hoeben Metalen has built a strong reputation. The collection, demolition and processing of iron and metal is done in an efficient manner, using modern techniques and respect for the environment. Under the…

Biodiesel Kampen

Biodiesel Kampen is considered one of the pioneers in the production of second generation biodiesel. In the advanced research facility in Kampen, biodiesel is produced from oil and fat waste. Almost 100% of the collected material is recycled. Through the use of biodiesel a significant reduction in CO2 emissions is achieved. www.biodieselkampen.com

Graansloot Kampen

With more than 130,000 tonnes of storage capacity, Graansloot realized the largest grain storage operation in North-Western Europe at the Zuiderzeehaven. When the grain harvest is at its peak, every three minutes a truck passes the gate. A huge logistical operation! In addition to storage in one of the conditioned silo cells or flat storage…


Triferto is an international wholesaler and manufacturer of a full range of fertilizers. Through a network of brokers, the products find their way to the end user, with Europe as its main market. The Zuiderzeehaven is one of 25 distribution points. www.triferto.eu

Van Wijk & Olthuis

Van Wijk & Olthuis established its storage and transhipment facility at the Zuiderzeehaven, which covers some 26,000 m3. From this location, oils and fats for the feed-, food- and technical industries are supplied. These are imported from around the world. Because of the good inventory position, excellent transportation facilities and quality assurance in the whole…

Salland Oil

At the Zuiderzeehaven, Salland Oil built its fuel storage facility, which contains some 20 million liters of fuel. It not only supplies its own Firezone stations, but the stations of other fuel suppliers as well. The modern tank filling station fills tank trucks in 12 minutes with the proper fuel mix of the specific brand.…

Staalbouw Kampen

Staalbouw Kampen specializes in the design and manufacture of steel structures. With a well- equipped machinery park and years of experience, Staalbouw Kampen provides customized quality products. Thanks to its location on the waterfront, transport over water is possible. Therefore, large steel structures can be produced. (website is under construction)


Liprovit is part of the Fuite-group. At the Zuiderzeehaven Liprovit produces liquid calf and piglet feed. In an ultra-modern, high-quality laboratory environment an optimum nutrition mix is produced. www.fuite.nl  

Weever Bouw en Weever Sloopwerken

Weever builds, develops and demolishes. A strong and special combination. Over more than 45 years Weever Bouw, has been involved with the most varied projects, from residential, and non-residential construction, to maintenance and renovation. In the field of project development, Weever also has all knowledge. Weever Sloopwerken B.V. is active in the dismantling, sorting and…


Het Finse Wärtsilä bouwt scheepsmotoren en elektriciteitscentrales. Op de Zuiderzeehaven bevindt zich het wereldwijde distributiecentrum voor reserveonderdelen. Deze worden 24/7 aangevoerd, gesorteerd en gedistribueerd vanuit het hypermoderne warehouse. Op het 10 ha grote terrein worden zo’n 250.000 reserveonderdelen opgeslagen. www.wartsila.com

Recycling Kampen

Recycling Kampen collects and processes all types of waste, for both individuals and businesses. Construction and demolition waste as well as other commercial waste is made suitable for reuse. Recycling Kampen specializes in the recycling of stony substances. In addition, containers of different sizes are rented out. www.recyclingkampen.nl

Amsterdam en regio Zwolle netwerken over handelsverbindingen

Voorafgaand aan de wedstrijd tussen PEC Zwolle en Ajax was er een bijeenkomst met organisaties uit Amsterdam en de regio Zwolle. De gemeente Zwolle, Kampen en Meppel organiseerden de bijeenkomst in samenwerking met Havenbedrijf Amsterdam en PEC Zwolle, met als doel om havenbedrijven uit beide steden met elkaar in contact te brengen. Samenwerking tussen Amsterdam…