The storage of grain, animal feed and fertilizers takes place in silos and warehouses. These products are transported in bulk. The Netherlands is not only an agro-exporting but also an agro-importing country. This export and import is done largely by ship. Also, for the transport of agricultural products within the Netherlands, the water is widely used.

The Zuiderzeehaven is situated at a central location in the Netherlands and at deep water. For ships up to class Va it is easily accessible. Eventually, ships up to class Vb can reach Kampen directly.

The maximum building height of the available plots is 15 to 30 m, which means that tall silos can be positioned here without any problem.

For agricultural corporations that want to outsource the transhipment of their products to specialized transhipment companies, Graansloot is located on the Zuiderzeehaven. This company has extensive experience in the storage and handling of agricultural products. All products transported in containers can be transhipped by the IJssel Delta Terminal.