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Modern business park
The Zuiderzeehaven is a modern business park of about 50 hectares. It is suitable for companies up to environmental category 5.2, which contains semi-heavy industries. Three-quarters of the park has direct access to the port, which connects to the main waterway, the river IJssel. The harbor depth is 4.70 m. The IJssel is suitable for ships up to class 5a, but when the route of Kampen to the IJsselmeer is deepened it will be suitable for ships up to class 5b.

Business locations
The minimum lot size in the Zuiderzeehaven is 1 ha. Lots are issued to size, according to the buyer’s desire and the park’s availability. At this time, the greatest contiguous plot is 7.4 hectare. The maximum building height is 15 to 30 m depending on the location of the plot.

Transport by waterways is, due to the lower CO2 and nitrogen emissions, a lot more durable than transport by road. By promoting water transport, Zuiderzeehaven makes an important contribution to sustainability. In addition, the site will post two wind turbines that provide enough energy to supply 3,600 households.

Issuance Conditions
To set up business at the Zuiderzeehaven several conditions must be fulfilled. The key condition is the necessity to be active in port-related activities. This means that the business should be largely dependent on port facilities, or the supply and delivery of its goods takes over water. This can be done directly, by means of its own quay, or through transhipment by third parties. Companies that focus on the nautical sector in general are also welcomed at the Zuiderzeehaven.